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Top Stories of 2017

thinkerThe best and brightest PR teams in America are extending the reach of their communications programs beyond the top 500 daily newspapers to 1,600 daily newspapers and 8,400 weekly newspapers throughout the U.S. Consumers across America who turn to their local hometown newspapers, primarily in wealthy suburbs, are reading important messages in NAPS articles about various subjects, including health, food, home, automotive, financial, travel and technology. Savvy marketers are getting the word out to people where they live by covering these additional newspapers and by distributing radio feature releases to 6,500 radio stations and video feature releases to 1,000 TV stations through NAPS.

Each NAPS article gets about 100 to 400 placements in print and 1000 online placements. NAPS radio feature releases get 300 to 400 placements each and the NAPS video feature releases get 100 to 150 placements each as evidenced by the usage cards that come in, signed by broadcasters. Each release includes a color usage report showing which editors or broadcasters used the material, how many millions of Americans were reached, equivalent ad space cost and colorful graphs of demographic information.



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